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Belleutiful Birthday

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We love the pictures our photographer Sonja Poller captured at this 3 year old’s disney-themed birthday party.  Belle autographed a colouring sheet for each guest and provided stickers to decorate their pages while she gave them each a princess makeover.  There wasn’t much left for the birthday girl to wish for by the time she got to the candles on her cake and what an adorable cake!Beauty and the Beast

Party with Rapunzel

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Rapunzel' Braid

Rapunzel’s Braid

Rapunzel Gifts

Rapunzel Gifts

Princess Twirls

Princess Twirls


The Birthday Give-Away

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Make her dreams come true…Birthday Girl

We all care about our kids more than anything but we can’t always do everything for them that we would love to be able to do.  At My Little Birthday, we would like to help you make your child’s birthday dreams come true.  If you or your child have struggled this year with hardship or illness, we would like to relieve your burden, even if only for an hour one day.  We hope it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.  Please send us an email with your story and let us know why your child deserves a special visit from their favourite character. Each Christmas we will offer one family an in-home visit free of charge for any available date in the coming year. Happy Holidays from all of us at My Little Birthday.

Princess Anna

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Anna's new buddy

Princess Anna delights the youngest of princess fans.  Approachable, friendly and fun, she makes the birthday girl feel like the Queen on her special day!

Anna Sings

Sing along to your favourite songs from your favourite movie. Click here for package options.


Elsa on the Mountain

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Elsa close up

Elsa was right at home visiting the mountain in this land of ice and snow.

Elsa in the Distance

Elsa on the suspension bridge.


Meeting the Queen.


So cool…

Sleeping Beauty Tea

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AuroraOur beautiful Sleeping Beauty has a few party packages available to choose from the Royal Party, My Little Princess Party, Tea Party and Queen For A dayPrincess Cookies

Many clients choose to book our tea party package and have Aurora pour the tea and teach party guests how to hold a tea cup, what to talk about at a fancy tea party, and always to eat your vegetables first… no matter how cute the cookies are!Princess_020

When you book two or more princess you will receive an additional 10 party guests and a discounted price for each princess. Click here to request a Princess visit.


Move Over Mother Goose

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The Fairy GodmotherThe Fairy Godmother

Storytime Books

Storytime Books

If you’re like me, from the time they were babies your little ones couldn’t get enough of being read to. And every once in a while, you wished you could have your fairy godmother swoop down and take over for just a story or two. Well your wishes have come true! So snuggle up with your birthday girl and enjoy being read to by the Fairy Godmother in all her sparkles and tulle.


Expand on the theme and make it a book party encouraging guests to fill your child’s reading library with their favourite books.


A Chic Frozen Fete

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Our friends at Chic Fete can take any party, wave their magic wand, and turn it into the party of your dreams. Here are a few of the details from my daughter’s frozen party. All photos by Mark Kinskofer of

Child's table and petite seats by Chic Fete

Child’s table and petite seats by Chic Fete

Cake Topper

Cake Topper

Other details to note: paper banner, snowflake pops, cupcakes, personalized straw flags, balloon and tassel backdrop, snowflake macarons

Frozen Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Frozen Cupcakes and Cake Pops


An invitation to visit all of her Frozen friends in Disneyland

An invitation to visit all of her Frozen friends in Disneyland

Skating with Elsa

Skating with Elsa

I’m not ashamed to say it, when she skated with Elsa, I absolutely cried. It was a magical moment!

Happy Birthday Girl... Happiest Mom!

Happy Birthday Girl… Happy Mom.

Chic Fete is helmed by the talented team of Jacky Wust and Iliana Franco of Fun Fiestas by Ili for your balloons and party supplies.

Pop Princess

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Popstar Callie

One of our long-time clients is ready to trade in her tiara for a boa and party like a Pop Princess!


Encouraging the birthday girl to “never grow up” a la Taylor Swift’s intimate ballad.


Our parties come equipped with microphones, boas, sunglasses and hair braids but this birthday Mom took it to the next level with a table full of swag!

Pop Star Sunglasses

Pop star makeovers with lipstick and glitter shades. All her guests had a blast celebrating with Callie and being pop princesses of their own!

Tink Me Up

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Yes we specialize in princesses and we believe anyone can be a princess when she embraces the qualities of kindness, generosity and grace. Well our Tinkerbell does just that! She will Fly to Your Heart when she sings and helps your little ones discover their own talents. Our new Tinkerbell costume is embellished with an authentic leaf design. Ever more magic- thanks Tink!imageimageimage