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My Little Twins Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Tea Party

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When Dahlia and Charlotte turned 5, their Mom invited a princess for each of her girls to attend their birthday.  She sent us a brief email after:

I left you a message earlier today.
It was the most wonderful birthday ever!!!
The princesses were SO awesome!  It was a huge hit, they are so beautiful and their singing voices beautiful too.
I would highly recommend to anyone.
Thank you Vanessa!
Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were happy to be so loved and have two extra special birthday girls to dote on!!

A Double Princess Party

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What could be better than having a real princess at your birthday? Well, two princesses of course! And mermaid dress-up tails, foil balloons, and face paint to boot! The Little Mermaid and Cinderella partied prettily in West Vancouver for this all-out bash photographed by Sonja Poller.

SonjaPoller-Ariel 2SonjaPoller-Ariel 1

Dr. Jacobson’s Legacy Event for Group ABA Children’s Society

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The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and Aladdin’s Princess, Jasmine, delighted many at last weekend’s Legacy Event in New West.  Dr. Jacobson turned her birthday into a festive old-fashioned fun fair with games, prizes, cotton candy and a bouncy castle and at the same time helped to raise money for her cause.  Group ABA Children’s Society is dedicated to the education of children with autism and other disabilities.  Visit to learn more.

Making A Difference


Three funny Princesses

Tinkerbell Garden Party

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The details of “A Fairy Garden Party” were so beautifully well done, we thought you might like an extra peek…

The birthday girl discovers her talentSonjaPoller-5922

Little guests enjoyed Mom’s artful and delicious home-made cookies after a game of find the fairySonjaPoller - Tinkerbell3

Fairy Feet

Jessica’s Cinderella Tea

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Pixie Dust Wishes

When Jessica turned four she invited Cinderella to tea in Belcarra.  Mom filled Cinderella’s Royal Doulton Memory Lane tea pot with apple juice ‘tea’.  The girls held up their gloved pinkys whilst taking princessy sips and sharing about their families, pets and the weather.  A few of our favourite things at Jessica’s birthday were pink paper napkin bouquets, two birthday cakes, and a homemade paper confetti finale on the trampoline!

Foam Crown Craft

Fairy Garden Party

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Oh hello Tink! Did you just happen to be flying my way on this sunshine day? You are welcome to stop in for a minute or two and share some birthday cheer with me and all my friends.  We have our table spread for a fairy feast of any sweet thing you desire.  From swirly cake-pops and cinnamon sugar cookies to cupcakes and fruit with it’s very own dip our crepe-papered plates are brimming! So put on a braided purple tulle garland for your hair, we’ll listen with rapt attention to your fairy song and treasure the pixie dust trail left behind from all of our best birthday wishes!

Leah's 4th Birthday

Leah’s 4th Birthday

Fairy Garden Party Pics

Fairy Garden Party Crafts

A Tangled Party

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All tied up with Tangled!

All tied up with Tangled!

Waffle cone towers, yellow yarn braids, Pascal sipping straws, Flynn Rider and a birthday girl as pretty as any princess were our favourite things about Callie’s 6th birthday.  Rapunzel got the kids all tied up with a game called Tangled.  Then they learned and performed a healing incantation while brushing Rapunzel’s truly long hair.  Parents were treated to personal performances at pick-up time! Sonja Poller photography

Tinkerbell’s Visit

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sonjapoller-5074 colour(1)

Renee turned 5 this summer and invited her favourite pixie to her fairy birthday party.  Tinkerbell flew all the way from pixie hollow.  There were lots of conversations about flying and she assured the girls that she would have just enough pixie dust to fly back home.  Then the girls strapped on their wings and attempted to fly themselves! See more photos here

A Pink Party

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Ashlyn turned 4 this week and she invited The Little Mermaid to attend her pink under the sea party.  Pink jellyfish, pink sea urchins, pink seashells and a pink throne were perfectly appointed to make Ariel feel most welcome.

Ashlyn sent handed out custom invitations to all her friends.  The invitations can be found here.  A tutu table and crepe paper plates, sea star sandwiches and blueberry bubbles, glitter and pink painted seashells, and pink ombre wave cake with four gold candles on top.  Make a wish Ashlyn!IMG_0050


Make your own Mermaids grotto full of sea urchins

tissue paper pompoms

Thanks for an amazing aquatic adventure Ariel!



Under the Sea

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Kylie’s party at the boathouse was pulled off swimmingly.  Mom Suzie took these splendid candids and thought of every mer-possible detail for a 5th birthday to remember.  We love her movie magic cake and giant foil balloons.  The girls loved making their bejeweled crowns with Ariel.  kylie_5thbday05

Kylie’s 5th Birthday