My Little Birthday Princess, Vancouver BC

How It Works

To help you out when booking your Princess here are a few tips and details you need to know…


Step 1: Choose Your Princess or Popstar

Our roster currently includes the following Princesses: Moana, Maui, Cinderella, The New Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Tinkerbell, Belle, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Batman.


Step 2: Choose Your Package

Go to our page called Princess Parties and click on any option to see what is included in the package.  All of our parties work best for up to 10 children and that is the number included in the posted price.  Limits vary depending on the package and additional costs are added per every 5 additional guests.  For custom parties we ask that you book the time that is needed for your visit based on the 4 different party lengths of our packages: 45 minutes, 1 hour, 80 minutes or 2 hours. The price will remain the same as the pre add-on price.


Step 3: Choose Your Location

Your own living room is always the simplest option for scheduling but many people prefer to book a community room or party room at another location.  Closed venues always work best although some restaurants have separate areas that still work reasonably well for parties with a visiting Princess.  When choosing your venue consider your theme, how many guests you are expecting, how loud the space may be (you want to be able to hear your Princess’ beautiful voice), and whether there is an adequate space for playing games or any other package options you may be choosing such as decorating crowns. Typically our Princess’ also need a power source to play their own music.  When contacting your venue it is best to find out a window of time that they have available or more than one option of days in order to find one that will work for your chosen Princess.


Step 4: Choose Your Date

Even though your Princess’ (or Prince’s) birthday may fall during the week it is always best to choose the weekend when booking your Princess.  Contact us with your first choice of date and time but have a back-up option just in case your chosen Princess is not available. The earlier you book your Princess the more options you will have.  (We don’t confirm bookings over 3 months in advance)


Step 5: Contact Us

You can use our contact page or email us at  It is best to contact us over 1 month before your party.  If you include which Princess you want, the party package and the location of the party, we can usually figure out what times are available within one or two days.  To speed the booking process along you can include some important information that we need in order to book your party.  This information includes:

The maximum number of guests (please book for the maximum number, numbers can be finalized no later than the Monday before your Saturday/Sunday party)

A contact number for booking and, if it’s different, a contact number for the day of the party

And don’t forget…

If you do not hear back from us within 1 or 2 days please try again.  Every once in a while emails do get misdirected into spam. You can also try us by phone at 604-710-0876.


Step 6: Party Confirmation

You will receive two official emails during the booking process, one requesting your deposit to be paid by E-transfer and the second, the booking email with a subject line that includes the name of your Princess and the date of your party.  It also includes all the information that you need to know to prepare for a visit from your Princess. If we have confirmed your Princess’ availability and you have sent us all of the information in Step 5 you should receive a booking email within 2 days.  If you have not received a booking email by the end of the second day please do get in touch.  We are handling a large volume of requests and don’t want any bookings to get lost along the way.


Step 7: Reminder Email

Every Monday, the booking emails for that upcoming weekend are sent again to your email address.  If Tuesday rolls around and you have not received a reminder email please do get in touch with us right away by email and by phone. When you receive your reminder email we ask that you check all the details one more time and let us know if there are any changes.  No changes can be made after the Monday before your party.  Please also let us know directions, or challenges the Princess may have finding your home by GPS.  If you know that you’re in a new neighbourhood please let us know how the Princess can find your home.  For parties happening mid-week you should receive your reminder email two Mondays in advance of your party.


Step 8: Party-Time!

Before your Princess arrives make sure that your birthday girl (or boy) is prepared to have a real Princess in their home.  It will still be a great surprise to let her know in the morning that a real Princess is flying on an airplane right now on her way to the party.  Birthday girls who don’t expect a Princess usually take some time getting used to the idea and much of the visit has flown by before they are comfortable being with a real live Princess in their very own living room!

Other things to have prepared before your Princess’ arrival:

A special space for your Princess:  Ideally this area is big enough for the children to sit in front of the Princess on the floor.  You will need an adult-sized chair for the Princess with a side table that is big enough for her supplies and close to an outlet.  If you don’t have an outlet nearby have an extension cord already plugged in and within arms reach of the Princess.  Some people choose to decorate a Princess throne and some have a special chair for the birthday girl as well which are both fun ideas although not a necessity.

Party payment:  Your Princess is paid directly at the end of her visit.  Please have your party fee prepared ahead of time and if you choose to tip your Princess for a job well done she will be ever so appreciative.  Just make sure that any money being handed over is in a “thank you envelope” so that the children don’t see the exchange of money.


Craft Party:  If you are having a craft party it is necessary to have a table cleared with enough room for the children to either sit or stand around to decorate their crowns.  The floor is not a great space for decorating crowns because the Princess’ usually bring glitter glue and it may be tracked all over the floor by little feet!

Tea Party: For a tea party be sure to include a chair for the Princess at the table. Although she is busy serving all the guests it is nice for her to sit and converse for a little while.  A seating arrangement is always a good idea when it comes to who gets to sit next to the princess!


Step 9: Tell a Friend

We appreciate all of the feedback we receive from happy clients and many of you let us know that you will be telling all your friends and we thank you for that! Please feel free to visit our News page and post your comments on a blog about the Princess you had at your party.  Or share your party on facebook or twitter with a shout out to


Step 10: Congratulations!

Pat yourself on the back, your daughter or son just had the “Best Day Ever!”

A Note from Rebecca:

One of my favourite things in the lives of my children is the time we spend together leading up to their birthdays.  From choosing a theme to making decorations or just looking up ideas on Pinterest, it gives us something to work together on for a couple of months.  If you would like to visit my Princess Party boards you can find me on Pinterest under the name Rebecca Talbot. I currently have a general Princess Planner board, one I used for my daughter’s Ariel party called Mermaids, Fairies, and Pirates, Oh My!  and one I used for my daughter’s Rapunzel party called All Tangled Up.  Or scroll through all of my boards for party ideas for boys (Things That Go) or even for yourself (Big Bashes).  If you’re planning a party and you’ve never tried Pinterest… try it! You’re gonna love it!