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Hello Princesses!

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My niece Chloe is a very special girl.  She has two older sisters that run the show all the time and a Dad that teases her and drives her crazy! Don’t worry Chloe, he did the same thing to me when we were growing up! Well, now it’s time to make all that pain and suffering worthwhile with a very special birthday surprise… Chloe gets to meet ALL THE PRINCESSES!

And that’s not all! Chloe also got to meet Rapunzel, Queen Elsa and Moana! It may have been a little bit overwhelming for someone who is only 4 years old but Chloe handled it with grace, just like the Princesses she was hanging with.  A party like this doesn’t happen every day, that’s just the benefit of having an Auntie who is personal assistant to so many princesses.  But if you would like to sprinkle a little magic for someone little and lovely in your life, invite any one of our characters and they will make your birthday child feel like a star! Contact Us today.

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