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Rapunzel – Tangled

Pretty Pony Party at Maplewood Farm

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The only princess at my daughter’s birthday this year was her! We held a Pretty Pony Party for Ashlyn at Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver and can’t say enough about how great it was.  The staff at the farm were helpful at every step along the way and made the party experience ever so easy. The cake by Cheri Baldin was what Ashlyn asked for to a T, and Cheri’s customer service was tops- including delivery at the farm!  So if you’re looking for a venue for your princess-themed party why not Maplewood Farm? We can think of a few Princess tie-ins:

A Forest Animals Party with lots and lots of berries and a visit from Sleeping BeautyPrincess_073

A Maximus Party with buckets of apples and a visit from RapunzelSonjaPoller-0153

A Reindeer Party with Sven antlers, craft-making and a visit from KristoffVersion 2

A little town, quiet village party with Belle and pony rides on ‘Phillipe’.

Whatever the theme, be sure to get a photo of the whole gang with your pony and it will be a moment you can treasure forever!

Contact us today to invite one of our characters to your themed celebration!


Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Don’t Let Down Your Hair…

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… We like that braid!! And our birthday girls do too.  We love to see all the braids of different shapes, sizes and materials at our Rapunzel parties.

To book your Tangled birthday party today, contact us for party package options.

Rapunzel Tea

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Did you know…Rapunzel Tea

That you can book a tea party with any one of your favourite princesses? Yes! While we have specific tea party packages with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella that come with a tea set and gloves, any of our princesses can run a tea party for you with your own supplies.  This perfectly pretty Rapnuzel tea was lovingly prepared by Mom Tara, complete with personalized take-home tea cups for each party guest. What a charming idea for party favours!IMG_2789

The cups are available at Ikea and the names were applied with bake-on paint pens from Michaels. To book your own tea party with Belle, Ariel, Moana, Elsa, or any of their friends, contact us with you party details today!IMG_3896

Party with Rapunzel

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Rapunzel' Braid

Rapunzel’s Braid

Rapunzel Gifts

Rapunzel Gifts

Princess Twirls

Princess Twirls


Rapunzel is back!

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Rapunzel has just returned from the total hairdresser and is looking forward to having the best day ever with you for your birthday! Rapunzel

Rapunzel Twins

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It was twice as much fun for Rapunzel at this party for two adorable three year olds. They loved their princess and both wanted to sit on her lap while Rapunzel sang and chatted with all of their friends.


After the Princess arrived, the children’s costumes came out and they were all excited to dress up like princesses and superheroes.


Playing games, winning prizes and putting on make-up were delightful surprises for everyone.

Rapunzel Make-up

Tangled Tiara Time

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Tangled Tiara

Our new Rapunzel crown has arrived. Now when your birthday girl invites this Princess, she comes with a little extra sparkle! And Pascal too, of course 😉

Rapunzel Girl

A Tangled Ashlyn Party

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SonjaPoller-0236 FB

I see you Pascal! This cake, made at Westview Bakery, was fashioned after one I found on pinterest, and adorned with some other friends from the Disney Store.  The plate “chargers” were a fun craft project for the kids.  Just coffee filters coloured with purple and pink markers then sprayed with water and left to dry.SonjaPoller-0282 FB

The party guests had a big job to do before Rapunzel arrived! My daughter and I, with the help of her artist Aunt and her little brother, prepped an exceedingly large canvas from Opus art supply with a painting of Rapunzel in her tower.  We left all the yellow out to be added by Ashlyn’s friends on the day of the party.

The decor we kept simple and natural.  With purple linen, I covered the cushion of an old chair for Rapunzel and used gold painted burlap from Michaels to cover a dresser and filing cabinet. The many butterfly garlands strung all over the room were also from Michaels.SonjaPoller-0237 FB

Ashlyn rolled gold glitter tape on the handles of the paint brushes and I made aprons out of Ikea tea towels so that party dresses were protected while the girls covered their burlap canvases with Rapunzel-coloured paints.SonjaPoller-0083 FB

I bought these mini milk bottles from Michaels and we made Purple Pascal shakes with lots of blueberries!SonjaPoller-0142 FB

Daddy looked all over the city for the perfect cake stand.  Who knew Chapters would be the place to look for this kind of thing?  I went out and bought a slough of barware from Chapters after this discovery!SonjaPoller-0380 FB

And now she’s five! Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

Our Roster

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The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang

For the first time ever, our whole team gathered in one place with all their little friends, for the most stupendous, tremendous tea party you could ever imagine! Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Anna, Rapunzel, Ariel, Olaf, Fairy Godmother, New Cinderella, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty, or Classic Cinderella; choose your favourite character and call us today to book entertainment for your upcoming party.

All Tangled Up!

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Rapunzel and Ashlyn

I had so much fun with my daughter planning her Rapunzel party this year.  The planning started one year ago at the close of her Ariel Birthday when she informed me that she was going to invite Rapunzel to her next birthday.  Rest assured, she has already informed me that she will be inviting Elsa to her next birthday.  Well, it helps that I have the connections 😉