My Little Birthday Princess, Vancouver BC

Pop Star

Rockstar Makeover

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This party includes the opportunity for older girls to rock out, sing and dance and get a makeover.  Our popstar brings braids for each girl, feather boas, microphones and a couple of make-up palettes so that the girls can get their make-up done or help each other out with their own rock star style.DSC_1241 DSC_1237

Pop Princess

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Popstar Callie

One of our long-time clients is ready to trade in her tiara for a boa and party like a Pop Princess!


Encouraging the birthday girl to “never grow up” a la Taylor Swift’s intimate ballad.


Our parties come equipped with microphones, boas, sunglasses and hair braids but this birthday Mom took it to the next level with a table full of swag!

Pop Star Sunglasses

Pop star makeovers with lipstick and glitter shades. All her guests had a blast celebrating with Callie and being pop princesses of their own!