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Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Pretty Pony Party at Maplewood Farm

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The only princess at my daughter’s birthday this year was her! We held a Pretty Pony Party for Ashlyn at Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver and can’t say enough about how great it was.  The staff at the farm were helpful at every step along the way and made the party experience ever so easy. The cake by Cheri Baldin was what Ashlyn asked for to a T, and Cheri’s customer service was tops- including delivery at the farm!  So if you’re looking for a venue for your princess-themed party why not Maplewood Farm? We can think of a few Princess tie-ins:

A Forest Animals Party with lots and lots of berries and a visit from Sleeping BeautyPrincess_073

A Maximus Party with buckets of apples and a visit from RapunzelSonjaPoller-0153

A Reindeer Party with Sven antlers, craft-making and a visit from KristoffVersion 2

A little town, quiet village party with Belle and pony rides on ‘Phillipe’.

Whatever the theme, be sure to get a photo of the whole gang with your pony and it will be a moment you can treasure forever!

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Beauty and the Beast

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We’re so glad Disney has revived one of our favourite Beautys once again.  We think Emma Watson is delightful as Belle and is a strong female role model for our daughters.  We hope our own Belle will grace your birthday events with such beauty, strong-willed intelligence, kindness and, as always, a lot of fun!DSC_1149DSC_1265 DSC_1214

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Belleutiful Birthday

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We love the pictures our photographer Sonja Poller captured at this 3 year old’s disney-themed birthday party.  Belle autographed a colouring sheet for each guest and provided stickers to decorate their pages while she gave them each a princess makeover.  There wasn’t much left for the birthday girl to wish for by the time she got to the candles on her cake and what an adorable cake!Beauty and the Beast

Belle of the Ball

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We are receiving more and more requests for Belle these days and Pinterest is bursting with beautiful Beauty and the Beast party ideas.  But we don’t think you’ll find anything more enchanting than this 3 year old tea party thrown by Jacky of Chic Fete. BelleJacky-46 Jacky-83

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A little candlestick told me…

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Belle has arrived! We have been longing to fulfill your requests for your favourite princess and are pleased to finally add Belle to our roster.  These are the photos from her first appearance and a few words from the client:


A great big thank you for making my lil’ princess’ birthday a success! Belle was perfect.  The adults were even astonished at how well she not only looked the part, but how well she played the part. Belle kept the kids engaged with games, songs and activities. She made sure to pay attention to each child, while all along ensuring the birthday princess felt like a VIP. The highlight….the make-up and photos! Thank you Belle for being the Belle of Diya’s party! This is a party that she will truly remember for years to come!

Also a great big thank you to My Little Birthday Princess for the organization. I am a repeat customer because I like the attention you pay to making my event go smoothly. Everyone involved takes a personal interest in making sure all the details are ironed out to ensure that my princess is treated like a true princess!

Thank you, Julia