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Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Ariel’s Pink Ballgown

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Ariel is now making appearances in her pink ball gown and we think your little princess lovers will be even more excited to dance and sing with her! Mermaid dress-up parties are available only with Ariel in her tail. Please let us know your preference when you request your visit with The Little Mermaid!

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Our Own Little Mermaid

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Our Little Mermaid is not limited to four year old popularity but she certainly is the biggest hit with them!  My own daughter loved to lay in the bathtub with her hair swirling in the water around her head pretending to be a mermaid and celebrated her fourth birthday with a visit from Ariel.  Ariel is known for her fin and her voice both of which will please the little ones at your four year old’s birthday too!

Ariel finDSC_1423DSC_1431

Ariel sings Part of Your World and a song about her friend Sebastian that she encourages children to act out with her, blowing bubbles, swimming and dancing to the music.  Choose our dress-up party and your guests get to wear a tail just like their princess! Or ask us about booking Ariel in her pink ballgown.  Contact us today to book your visit from the Little Mermaid!

Little Mermaid Pearls of Wisdom

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You’re wondering how to make a special day even more special, the day when you celebrate your most favourite little one(s) and remind them how they are the best Mommy in the world.  Look no further than an Ariel adventure under the sea.  We love searching pinterest for the best mermaid under the sea party ideas.  Here’s one of our favourite Ariel parties that looked just like a pinterest board! Captured by our Pretty in Pictures photographer Sonja:


Visit our “Mermaids and Fairies and Pirates, Oh My!” board on Pinterest by searching for Rebecca Talbot.

Ariel Views

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The summer ain’t over yet! And one of our favourite themes is a poolside mermaid party complete with a visit from the Little Mermaid herself. For an extra special party of 10 children, choose our dress-up Mermaid party and Ariel will dress each child in their own mermaid tail to wear for the whole party.  Book her now for the last two weeks of August.The Little Mermaid


Our Roster

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The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang

For the first time ever, our whole team gathered in one place with all their little friends, for the most stupendous, tremendous tea party you could ever imagine! Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Anna, Rapunzel, Ariel, Olaf, Fairy Godmother, New Cinderella, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty, or Classic Cinderella; choose your favourite character and call us today to book entertainment for your upcoming party.

Ariel’s Grotto in A Cove!

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Sonja Poller Photography

Sonja Poller Photography

The Little Mermaid felt right at home in Deep Cove for this princessy princess party!  Perfectly appointed trademark decor and favours were only outdone by mom’s toddler-sized offerings of snacks and sweets. The children were pleasantly entertained during Ariel’s appearance and the birthday girl was pleased to meet Flounder too!

Mermaid Tails

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Ariel made a splash by turning the birthday girl and all her guests into Mermaids for Lexie’s 5th birthday!  My Little Birthday’s Mermaid Dress-up Party includes beautifully handmade felt tails in various shades of pink.  They are tied on at the waist with grosgrain ribbon to fit over any party dress the children might already be wearing.  And for the boys there is a blue option as well!

At this birthday, the party-goers weren’t the only ones treated to handmade goodness.  Ariel was surprised with her very own grotto to explore, complete with all kinds of familiar underwater friends making her right at home with Lexi for the festivities.

lexi -arielbirthday girls

A Double Princess Party

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What could be better than having a real princess at your birthday? Well, two princesses of course! And mermaid dress-up tails, foil balloons, and face paint to boot! The Little Mermaid and Cinderella partied prettily in West Vancouver for this all-out bash photographed by Sonja Poller.

SonjaPoller-Ariel 2SonjaPoller-Ariel 1

A Pink Party

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Ashlyn turned 4 this week and she invited The Little Mermaid to attend her pink under the sea party.  Pink jellyfish, pink sea urchins, pink seashells and a pink throne were perfectly appointed to make Ariel feel most welcome.

Ashlyn sent handed out custom invitations to all her friends.  The invitations can be found here.  A tutu table and crepe paper plates, sea star sandwiches and blueberry bubbles, glitter and pink painted seashells, and pink ombre wave cake with four gold candles on top.  Make a wish Ashlyn!IMG_0050


Make your own Mermaids grotto full of sea urchins

tissue paper pompoms

Thanks for an amazing aquatic adventure Ariel!



Under the Sea

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Kylie’s party at the boathouse was pulled off swimmingly.  Mom Suzie took these splendid candids and thought of every mer-possible detail for a 5th birthday to remember.  We love her movie magic cake and giant foil balloons.  The girls loved making their bejeweled crowns with Ariel.  kylie_5thbday05

Kylie’s 5th Birthday