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Pretty Pony Party at Maplewood Farm

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The only princess at my daughter’s birthday this year was her! We held a Pretty Pony Party for Ashlyn at Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver and can’t say enough about how great it was.  The staff at the farm were helpful at every step along the way and made the party experience ever so easy. The cake by Cheri Baldin was what Ashlyn asked for to a T, and Cheri’s customer service was tops- including delivery at the farm!  So if you’re looking for a venue for your princess-themed party why not Maplewood Farm? We can think of a few Princess tie-ins:

A Forest Animals Party with lots and lots of berries and a visit from Sleeping BeautyPrincess_073

A Maximus Party with buckets of apples and a visit from RapunzelSonjaPoller-0153

A Reindeer Party with Sven antlers, craft-making and a visit from KristoffVersion 2

A little town, quiet village party with Belle and pony rides on ‘Phillipe’.

Whatever the theme, be sure to get a photo of the whole gang with your pony and it will be a moment you can treasure forever!

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Enter The Batman

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To book Batman or add Batman to you Princess party please contact us today!

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Don’t Let Down Your Hair…

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… We like that braid!! And our birthday girls do too.  We love to see all the braids of different shapes, sizes and materials at our Rapunzel parties.

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You’re Welcome!

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Here he is, partying with Moana and making everyone laugh! MAUI!

To book Moana and Maui to visit and entertain the guests at your child’s birthday click here. For other character options click here or email to ask us who is available for your party date and time.

Hello Princesses!

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My niece Chloe is a very special girl.  She has two older sisters that run the show all the time and a Dad that teases her and drives her crazy! Don’t worry Chloe, he did the same thing to me when we were growing up! Well, now it’s time to make all that pain and suffering worthwhile with a very special birthday surprise… Chloe gets to meet ALL THE PRINCESSES!

And that’s not all! Chloe also got to meet Rapunzel, Queen Elsa and Moana! It may have been a little bit overwhelming for someone who is only 4 years old but Chloe handled it with grace, just like the Princesses she was hanging with.  A party like this doesn’t happen every day, that’s just the benefit of having an Auntie who is personal assistant to so many princesses.  But if you would like to sprinkle a little magic for someone little and lovely in your life, invite any one of our characters and they will make your birthday child feel like a star! Contact Us today.

Who do you Tink?

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… Tinkerbell of course! Yes we specialize in princesses but we believe anyone can be a princess when she embraces the qualities of kindness, generosity and grace. Well our Tinkerbell does just that! She will Fly to Your Heart when she sings and helps your little ones discover their own talents. Our new Tinkerbell costume is embellished with an authentic leaf design. Ever more magic- thanks Tink!

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Anna, The Frozen Princess…

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…is one of the warmest Princesses we know! Anna parties are soooo much fun!  Because she’s the youngest sister, Anna relates to the struggles of being little, and knows how to let it go and have a good time.  She’s not afraid to sit on the floor and colour or play games and dance around.  No wonder she’s the favourite of little sisters everywhere!

To book Anna or Elsa for your birthday celebration click here.  For package options click here.

Beauty and the Beast

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We’re so glad Disney has revived one of our favourite Beautys once again.  We think Emma Watson is delightful as Belle and is a strong female role model for our daughters.  We hope our own Belle will grace your birthday events with such beauty, strong-willed intelligence, kindness and, as always, a lot of fun!DSC_1149DSC_1265 DSC_1214

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Butterfly Cinderella Party

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One of our favourite party theme plays up the butterflies from the other live action Disney movie, Cinderella.  The team behind this beautiful 4 year old tea party arranged things “Just so,” and our most courageous and kind princess was the icing on the cake!

Cinderella Cinderella Tea099 110 135

Photos by Gina @ButterStudios

Petite Chairs and more by Chic Fete

Balloon stylings by Fun Fiestas

Goodies by La Macaronette

Ariel’s Pink Ballgown

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Ariel is now making appearances in her pink ball gown and we think your little princess lovers will be even more excited to dance and sing with her! Mermaid dress-up parties are available only with Ariel in her tail. Please let us know your preference when you request your visit with The Little Mermaid!

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