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Archives: September 2017

Making Waves

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The sun is still shining and the summer ain’t over yet! And one of our favourite themes is a poolside mermaid party complete with a visit from the Little Mermaid herself. For an extra special party of 10 children, choose our dress-up Mermaid party and Ariel will dress each child in their own mermaid tail to wear for the whole party.

Or if your birthday princess has grown out of her tail and wants to walk on land like our mermaid did, have Ariel visit in her new pink ballgown! This gown is perfect for twirling and dancing with your birthday girl and all of her guests.

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Live Action Excitement

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Our Jasmine is thrilled that the next live action remake is of Prince Aladdin’s epic tale. The film is scheduled to come out in 2019 and we simply can’t wait!

Jasmine is such an amazing role model for young girls today – she is strong, adventurous, feisty and compassionate. We are so excited to see her on the big screen!

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Classic Princess Dreams Come True

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We are so pleased when little birthday girls wish for Cinderella or Aurora to attend their parties! These two are the most classic of princesses and add the perfect amount of sparkle and dreams to your little princess’ special day.

Cinderella and Aurora love when they are invited for a dance and tea with your little princess!

Their fairytales are all about dreams coming true – and that is certainly what happens when Cinderella or Aurora have the delight of sharing in a birthday celebration!

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