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Princess Aurora

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Sleeping Beauty

Our Sleeping Beauty doesn’t get as much time to rest as she once did, with so many girls choosing the princess in pink to be their special party guest, she has learned to stay awake and keep the party going (with a little help from her fairy friends).

Aurora DSC_1296


Frozen Spring Fever

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It’s a good thing the cold never bothered Elsa anyway because Vancouver sure did enjoy a winter of snow and ice this year. Now with Spring showers in the air, she is looking forward to a season of Spring parties full of sunflowers and “dry banana hippy hat” banners!Elsa


Elsa and Kristoff enjoying the view of Howe Sound in the snow

Book our Frozen parties for your Spring Fever celebrations!


Rapunzel Tea

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Did you know…Rapunzel Tea

That you can book a tea party with any one of your favourite princesses? Yes! While we have specific tea party packages with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella that come with a tea set and gloves, any of our princesses can run a tea party for you with your own supplies.  This perfectly pretty Rapnuzel tea was lovingly prepared by Mom Tara, complete with personalized take-home tea cups for each party guest. What a charming idea for party favours!IMG_2789

The cups are available at Ikea and the names were applied with bake-on paint pens from Michaels. To book your own tea party with Belle, Ariel, Moana, Elsa, or any of their friends, contact us with you party details today!IMG_3896

Our Own Little Mermaid

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Our Little Mermaid is not limited to four year old popularity but she certainly is the biggest hit with them!  My own daughter loved to lay in the bathtub with her hair swirling in the water around her head pretending to be a mermaid and celebrated her fourth birthday with a visit from Ariel.  Ariel is known for her fin and her voice both of which will please the little ones at your four year old’s birthday too!

Ariel finDSC_1423DSC_1431

Ariel sings Part of Your World and a song about her friend Sebastian that she encourages children to act out with her, blowing bubbles, swimming and dancing to the music.  Choose our dress-up party and your guests get to wear a tail just like their princess! Or ask us about booking Ariel in her pink ballgown.  Contact us today to book your visit from the Little Mermaid!

Meet Moana!

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Introducing Moana! The latest addition to the My Little Birthday Princess Family. Moana is actually the daughter of the chief and her spunk and perseverance are what buoys her through a journey to save her island of Montunui.  We love her character and her story and we are so excited that she has arrived to join all of your birthday celebrations!DSC_1307

Moana is entertaining party goers with How Far I’ll Go and other songs from her movie.  In the Royal Party Package  she sings, dances and assists party guests on their own treasure hunt for the stone of Te Fiti.

Moana says hello

Moana says hello

She's so lovely

She’s so lovely

Moana is already booking parties until the end of April so please contact us today with you party request!

Jasmine, Arabian Princess

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My 7 year old ‘trick-or-treated” as Jasmine last Halloween and I’ve noticed a trend of older girls preferring this exotic princess.  Once they’ve grown out of the pinkness and puffiness of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and before they are willing to give up on Princesses entirely, Jasmine bridges the gap to rocking out with a popstar.  With the addition of Moana we now have two options for your older girls.  I expect I will be investing in a pint-sized Moana costume this year too!


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Ninja Akira

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Ninja Akira knows what he’s doing! We love our ninja but I had the pleasure of seeing him in action at my own home recently and was more impressed than ever (could’ve been because he baked me sweets- yes he ‘s multi-talented).  But it wasn’t because of his baking that he had these boys eating out of the palm of his hand.  You can ask Ninja Akira any question about where he comes from or how to be a ninja and he will have all the answers including a lesson about fighting and being a warrior which moms will appreciate! Of course the favourite activity of all was the balloon twisting. Ninja Akira kept waiting kids entertained with stories while he made them their choice of balloon puppies and of course, samurai balloons Akira

Book Ninja Akira today and enjoy the very best birthday entertainment for your child and his/her friends!

Don’t ya just love Tinkerbell?

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Rebecca Talbot

We’re so glad that people are finding out about how delightfully fun our Tinkerbell is.  Below you will find photos and a letter that were sent to us from a recent client in Port Moody regarding her Tinkerbell party.  We think she did a pretty excellent job herself on those amazing over-sized paper flowers!IMG_2542

Hi Jocelyn, Tinkerbell and the My Little Birthday Princess Team,

Thank you so much for making Khloe’s* Birthday so magical and everything we hoped for!! Tinker bell was absolutely amazing!! It was such an amazing day! It’s been a little bit over a month since the party and she still talks about it every day!!

I’m sorry that it took me so long, but I’ve attached some pictures of Tinkerbell and the birthday girl and I wanted to write you all and send a Big Thank You!!IMG_2541IMG_2544

Contact us to book your personal fairy visit today!

*name has been changed


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We are so pleased when little ones choose to invite our Cinderella to their birthdays. She is the most classic of Princesses with a fairytale story that encourages you to dream big and be kind. Our Cinderella is sweet, pretty and fun and will emulate those qualities that we all want our children to strive for. When booking our Cinderella be comforted knowing that you are making a wonderful choice for the celebration of the most important people in your world!IMG_2406DSC_1232DSC_1243

Rockstar Makeover

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This party includes the opportunity for older girls to rock out, sing and dance and get a makeover.  Our popstar brings braids for each girl, feather boas, microphones and a couple of make-up palettes so that the girls can get their make-up done or help each other out with their own rock star style.DSC_1241 DSC_1237