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Behind Every Great Queen…

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…There is an adoring, un-assuming, genuine, funny, smart and sweet younger sister.  Anna doesn’t get as much hype what with “Let it Go” causing it’s usual Frozen frenzy, but she’s actually one of our favourite and very best Princesses! We noticed that some of our clients thought Elsa and Anna only appeared together but rest assured you can book each individually.  And if you’ve been to a lot of Elsa parties lately, you might be pleasantly surprised by how lovely Princess Anna is too!SonjaPoller-5123 FB colourSonjaPoller-5140 FB colour SonjaPoller-4977 FB colour SonjaPoller-5020 FB colour

Storybook Cinderella

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Sometimes, our birthday girl’s are shy.  They are amazed by a real princess visiting in their own home and they are in complete awe.  Don’t worry if your birthday girl doesn’t seem very responsive in the moment, just wait… after the Princess leaves you are going to be re-living the experience for days through her own words, just like those of this 3 year old:

Cinderella came out of the story and to my birthday party


The New Cinderella has arrived!

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This photo is not representative of the hair-style that will appear at your party.  We were just too excited to show you this dress!. Book now by visiting our Contact page. Thank you!
Movie Cinderella 2015

Movie Cinderella 2015

We are so excited to share our newest addition with you.  This photo is not representative of the party hair-style, but we wanted you to see how fabulous this dress is.  If you are planning a New Cinderella theme for your little princess you won’t want to miss this! Book now by visiting our Contact page.  And check back soon to learn about our upcoming Fairy Godmother story-time parties!







Frozen in June

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We thought that Frozen was a big deal for parties this Winter but it turns out Elsa is the main event year round.  So instead of Christmas in July we are celebrating Frozen “In Sum-merrrrr!” We hope Olaf will be joining the fun for all your Frozen summer birthday parties but in the meantime, check out this beautiful party by our photographer Sonja Poller.SonjaPoller_Elsa_6

Aladdin Again

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Laughing Princess

With a visit to the Disney store recently, we learned that Aladdin is being released from the vault.  Yay! Our first clue was a display of Jasmine costumes, school supplies, accessories and toys greeting us as soon as we arrived.  So we figure, what better time than now to invite Jasmine to your birthday?!


Some moms have shared with us their difficulty in finding Jasmine themed items for their party decor so here’s a couple links to local companies carrying trademark Disney Princess items

Jasmine balloon, Jasmine Cupcake Ring, Jasmine on Amazon

But our favourite way to enhance your party is to just choose a colour theme as the foundation for your Jasmine visit.  Choose balloons, plates, cutlery, a table cloth and paper pom poms in Jasmine’s blue-green, purple and gold… lots of GOLD.  Decorate a special chair for the birthday girl and one for Jasmine too.  Invite your guests to wear their princess and superhero costumes to the party and top it all of with an Aladdin-themed cake from the Cake Bitch.  You’re good to go!

Gorgeous treats at a Princess Jasmine birthday party! See more party planning ideas at!

Search “Jasmine Party” on Pinterest for more ideas like the one above from “Catch My Party”

A Tangled Ashlyn Party

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SonjaPoller-0236 FB

I see you Pascal! This cake, made at Westview Bakery, was fashioned after one I found on pinterest, and adorned with some other friends from the Disney Store.  The plate “chargers” were a fun craft project for the kids.  Just coffee filters coloured with purple and pink markers then sprayed with water and left to dry.SonjaPoller-0282 FB

The party guests had a big job to do before Rapunzel arrived! My daughter and I, with the help of her artist Aunt and her little brother, prepped an exceedingly large canvas from Opus art supply with a painting of Rapunzel in her tower.  We left all the yellow out to be added by Ashlyn’s friends on the day of the party.

The decor we kept simple and natural.  With purple linen, I covered the cushion of an old chair for Rapunzel and used gold painted burlap from Michaels to cover a dresser and filing cabinet. The many butterfly garlands strung all over the room were also from Michaels.SonjaPoller-0237 FB

Ashlyn rolled gold glitter tape on the handles of the paint brushes and I made aprons out of Ikea tea towels so that party dresses were protected while the girls covered their burlap canvases with Rapunzel-coloured paints.SonjaPoller-0083 FB

I bought these mini milk bottles from Michaels and we made Purple Pascal shakes with lots of blueberries!SonjaPoller-0142 FB

Daddy looked all over the city for the perfect cake stand.  Who knew Chapters would be the place to look for this kind of thing?  I went out and bought a slough of barware from Chapters after this discovery!SonjaPoller-0380 FB

And now she’s five! Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

Our Roster

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The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang

For the first time ever, our whole team gathered in one place with all their little friends, for the most stupendous, tremendous tea party you could ever imagine! Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Anna, Rapunzel, Ariel, Olaf, Fairy Godmother, New Cinderella, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty, or Classic Cinderella; choose your favourite character and call us today to book entertainment for your upcoming party.

Elsa on Ice

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imageIt’s that time of year again when the ice is back in at the arena and children are starting to celebrate with winter themed birthday parties. Our Skating Elsa, pictured here, has a voice as beautiful as she is with the added talent of grace and beauty on the ice. Invite her to your skating party and she will spend 45 minutes entertaining your birthday child and their guests on the ice.  Because skating parties require a few extra details please give us a call to book 778-989-0876. Thank you!Princess_043

New Elsa Times Available!

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Elsa Balloons

Everybody’s favourite Princess is actually the QUEEN of Arendelle! And we are always sad when she’s fully booked, so contact us now to book her for your daughter’s birthday or call 604-710-0876.  We are now accepting bookings through until the end of August 2015.  Parties with Elsa and Anna include up to 20 children and a reduced travel fee for our out-of-town clients.  Please use our contact page to include all the details needed in order to book Elsa or Anna for your little Princess.  We look forward to assisting you in making her birthday dreams come true!